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Owners - Chef Nick & Linda Farrell

For over 25 years, Chef Nick and Linda Farrell have been the proud owners of this establishment, which stands as a testament to their shared passion for food and family.⁣

The story of Sovana Bistro is a love story in itself, as Nick and Linda first crossed paths within the cozy confines of the restaurant. Since then, they have embarked on an extraordinary journey, building a culinary empire that resonates with the values of warmth, tradition, and innovation.⁣

At Sovana Bistro, our menu draws inspiration from the rich culinary heritage of Nick's beloved grandmother, Fran. Her influence can be seen in many of our signature dishes, infusing them with a touch of nostalgia and a homely feel. ⁣

We take great pride in crafting our menu based on the principles of locality and seasonality. Our commitment to using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients is unwavering, ensuring that every dish we serve is bursting with flavor and vitality. To maintain the highest quality standards, we change our menu multiple times throughout the year, embracing the diverse bounty offered by each season.⁣

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General Manager & Sommelier - Adam Junkins

Meet the man behind our success story at Sovana Bistro, Adam Junkins, our General Manager and Sommelier extraordinaire! With over 20 years of dedication to our establishment, Adam's journey began as a server and quickly rose to the role of General Manager. But that's not all—Adam is a true Renaissance man. He's a talented graphic designer, responsible for crafting our menus, cocktail napkins, and captivating restaurant signage. Did we mention he's also an incredible artist, singer, and guitarist? There's no limit to his abilities!⁣

Adam's passion for wine led him to study tirelessly, earning him the prestigious title of Certified Sommelier. His extensive knowledge and expertise in wine are shared generously with our staff and guests. You'll often find him warmly welcoming guests at the door, uncorking exclusive wines for tables, ensuring smooth food service, and simply making sure everyone feels right at home. With a perpetual smile on his face, Adam embodies the spirit of our team, and we're truly honored to have him by our side. Join us and experience Adam's exceptional hospitality firsthand!⁣

Assistant Manager - Brandon Wyatt

Meet Brandon Wyatt, our new Assistant Manager! With seven years of experience in the pizza world and 13 years as a manager at The Whip, Brandon is a seasoned professional in the service industry. Hailing from Unionville, he brings a hometown touch to our team.

Brandon's enthusiasm for customer service is infectious, and you'll often find him joyfully bopping through the dining room, ensuring everyone has a smile on their face. He's deeply dedicated to providing each guest with a five-star experience, making hospitality his true calling.

We're thrilled to have Brandon on board, and we know he'll elevate the dining experience at Sovana Bistro.

Events & Catering Manager - Abbie Hohn

Meet Abbie Hohn, our dedicated Catering & Events Manager at Sovana Bistro. Since 2015, Abbie has been an integral part of our team, bringing her passion for taking care of others to every event she plans. With her expertise, she can help you create unforgettable moments for your next occasion.⁣

Abbie's priority is to ensure that each customer feels understood and well taken care of. She strives to go above and beyond, aiming to craft beautifully memorable occasions that will be cherished for years to come. Her attention to detail and commitment to exceptional service are unmatched.⁣

Whether it's a corporate function, a wedding, or a special celebration, Abbie is ready to help you plan and execute your event flawlessly. Reach out to her today and let her expertise transform your vision into a reality.⁣ Follow the @sovanahospitalityservices page to see some events we’ve hosted!

Social Media & Marketing Manager - Kara Oboodi

Kara Oboodi is our talented new Social Media & Marketing Manager! Kara has been an invaluable team member since 2009, with an impressive track record in various roles within our establishment. Kara's passion lies in showcasing all the unique and fun aspects of Sovana Bistro to the world. As our Social Media & Marketing Manager, she brings her creativity and expertise to the digital realm, engaging with our audience and sharing the magic of Sovana with the wider community.

With a flair for event planning and a love for designing fun themes, Kara ensures that every occasion at Sovana Bistro becomes an unforgettable experience for our guests. Follow us on social media to stay connected, and witness the vibrant and captivating world of Sovana Bistro.